HIPERDYNE Recruitment

We are not currently open entry recruiting.
Hiperdyne Corporation is an AIdevelopment venture founded in 2017. We have many excellent Japanese companies as clients. We are developing our own technology and will expand our businessin the future.

Job Opportunity:
We are looking for people as a regular employee or contract employee with AI and machine learning skills.You will be working in Japan.
  • There are many opportunities to experience the highest level in the world cutting-edge technologies, such as in-house research and development and joint development with major companies. In addition to machine learning, there are opportunities to challenge quantum algorithms in the future.
  • Allthe client companies of Hiperdyne are the renowned companies and top-levelresearch institute.
  • The management body and technical team of Hiperdyne consist of the best engineers from the renowned companies and you will get the opportunity to work undertheir direct guidance.
  • You may grow by having various experiences in a different culture
  • Japanese company's working style and process of a job are good experiences.
  • You will gain confidence through working in the practical fields with the team
  • Possibilities for your future. If you are promoted to Manager, you will have the opportunity to learn how to start a startup's business using a cutting-edge technology.

Enrollment Criteria:
  • Person who is punctual, honest, sincere and diligent.
  • Engineering Graduates from CSE, EEE and ME. Students of the final semester can also apply. (Graduates and students from other departments can also apply if they have sufficient knowledge).
  • The Basic concept and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) (example: trends of AI in technology).
  • Fundamental knowledge of different mathematical concepts such as regression, matrix, etc.
  • The Basic concept and knowledge of Data analysis and Python.
  • You can apply if you know much about some of the following subjects or any related topic.
High Python Programming Skill (you can write sophisticated program)
Design architecture and flows for big complicated software (you can build sophisticated and effective architecture
Comprehensive machine learning knowledge (You can explain inside of the machine learning logically)
You have deep learning experience at least more than legacy entry problem such as Iris, MNIST, CIFER-10, and so on.

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